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Our first step in technical consulting is to listen to our customers. By defining their needs, they analyze their situation and gather details. We support this procedure by asking appropriate questions. People use our profession as a tool for brain storming in the first phase.

In the second phase (which might start right after a briefing on the situation) our customers are the ones who ask questions. Some just want to listen to suggestions of how to approach a solution. Others have specific questions. For example, one customer wants to know if a computer program could be a solution to his task. Meanwhile another customer may have a distinct problem or single question with a certain piece of software.

So, our consulting is adopted to the need of the customer. We want to cooperate with you. It is not our aim, to bypass your needs with impressive concepts and expensive presentations.

Consulting can have any dimension. Single questions on technical topics are welcome as well as the need of long term assistance on the forthcome of your company. Just ask for our companionship and find out if you feel comfortable with us at your side.