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Our capabilities in software development range from highly optimized mini routines up to huge scaled applications. Our technology of building lean software modules is derived from the science of engineering. Our products are well known for beeing solid, and running fast on a low load of system ressources.

Clean and straight development lead to our main strenght: We build software fast.

Here are a few examples of what we do:

  • Windows: System programming, user interfaces, tools
  • Client-Server architectures
  • Database interfacing
  • Network programming
  • Web sites from small pages up to database based web applications on top level.
  • Data transformations
  • Interfaces to technical devices and machines
  • Interfaces to third party software and standard applications

Besides that, we offer another service that customers hardly find anywhere else: We take over existing software projects from our customers that have grown over time, that may have been developed by third parties, or that have never been completed. Often, companies stick to old systems, because a lot of know how is incorporated. But the pressure of modernization rises while the original developers are gone. That is where we might step in.

Furthermore we support you on your in-house software development. Perhaps you have got your own development in progress, already. But then you find out that you are running out of time as the project is growing bigger and bigger and you want to occupy some assistance.

Please look around in your enviroment! You might find several opportunities to optimize the workflow within your company. Think of calling us up to your team!